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SMSF Property Investment

With changes to laws governing SMSF, it has never been easier to loan money for your SMSF and  invest in property.

If the SMSF has enough funds for a deposit, the remainder of the purchase price can be borrowed using a SMSF loan.

Self Managed Super Fund Company can guide you through the process of obtaining a SMSF Loan to purchase property, or any other suitable investment.

Recent years have seen many commercial super funds suffer substantial losses.  It’s no surprise many people have chosen to take control of their super money.

Before you decide to apply for a SMSF loan for SMSF property investmewnt, we urge you to seek our professional advice. Our advice is tailored to each individual circumstance for the best personalized outcome.

The SMSF can borrow money using an instalment warrant. The instalment warrant is designed to keep the property and the SMSF loan separate from the other fund assets. It is the duty of the trustees to separate the SMSF assets from their personal assets or assets of the business.

Self Managed Super Fund Company  has strategic links with many finance companies and can help you obtain a SMSF Loan.

There are many factors that determine how we will approach the advice you receive but what must be taken into consideration are your individual investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs.

If you need help finding an investment property, then we can recommend JMAC Buyers advocacy.

JMAC use experience, analysis, and negotiation to secure the best property in Melbourne that your budget will allow.

JAMC will save you time. There’s no need for you to pound the pavement. JMAC will do that for you. And their unique relationship with most real estate agents means that they can inspect properties efficiently.