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SMSF Investment Strategy Template

Any investment plan requires a sound strategy. This is especially true when buying property through SMSF’s.

Self Managed Super Fund Company has developed a SMSF investment strategy template which makes investing in property simple.

Our team of professionals will apply this template to you your particular financial situation and property investment aims.

While there are obvious benefits to SMSF property investment, you need to consider whether this approach is right for you. Self Managed Super Fund Company will conduct a through analysis to help you arrive at the right decision.

It’s quite likely you already know the area in which you would like to buy. It’s always a good idea to buy property in an area that you are familiar with. Your individual knowledge of local property markets can be invaluable. It can give you a feel for the likelihood of capital growth and the consistency of the rental market.

To take the next important step of securing a property, you must ensure your super fund has enough funds for the deposit.

Borrowing through your SMSF can be difficult. However, our links to major financial and lending institutions will assist you in this process.

Leasing the property and servicing the mortgage are ongoing concerns for any property investor, and it is important to consider income protection insurance for the SMSF to cover you against any potential loss of income related to job loss or in the event of the rental property becoming unoccupied.

Investment diversification is another factor that should be incorporated into your SMSF investment strategy.

With more than twenty years experience and a specialised team of professionals, Self Managed Super Fund Company can offer a customised SMSF investment strategy for every individual.

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