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Self Managed Super Funds Borrowing Guide

With self managed super funds, borrowing to invest in property is possible. It’s a powerful strategy for independent investors with access to the right advice.

Our professional expertise and guidance makes the process of borrowing through a self managed super fund simple and straightforward.

Thanks to recent changes in regulations governing self managed super funds, borrowing capital to invest in property through a self managed super fund is easier than ever before.

To make the most of this new opportunity, we strongly encourage you to seek our professional advice. Making sure you are properly informed is crucial for anyone thinking about borrowing through a self managed super fund.

Self Managed Super Fund Company has the right knowledge and expertise to guide you through the borrowing process, helping you to purchase property and many other types of investment.

As other managed funds continue to experience substantial losses, more and more people are choosing to take their super into their own hands.

And yet each investor is different. So when it comes to borrowing, our advice is uniquely tailored to each individual. Your particular financial situation, investment objectives and individual needs are all carefully taken into account, ensuring an outcome that is just right for you.

And thanks to our professional network of financial institutions and companies, the Self Managed Super Fund Company is uniquely placed to facilitate your borrowing.

During the past five years, the regulations related to self managed super funds have been progressively eased. In the past, property could only be owned outright within a fund. Today, borrowing through self managed super funds to invest in property is not only possible, it’s also highly profitable.

Self Managed Super Fund Company will help you minimise the risks and maximise your gains.

We urge you to seek our professional assistance today.