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Self Managed Super Funds Advantages

Perhaps the greatest advantage to a self managed super fund is that it allows you to invest in property directly through your super fund. This provides a unique and effective strategy for those investors whose financial situation might otherwise make it difficult or impossible to purchase an investment property.

Even for investors with the option of purchasing an investment property, doing so through an SMSF is a smarter way of investing, thanks to the massive tax advantages available. That’s because when you invest in property through an SMSF you avoid paying capital gains tax. Instead, when you choose to sell your investment property you pay the much lower fixed tax rate of 15%. And if you decide to hold onto your property until retirement or the age of 55, you pay no tax whatsoever.

So investing in property through a self managed super fund is not only a more tangible and concrete way to prepare for retirement, it’s also a powerful investment strategy that enables you to get more out of your super.

And of course self managed super funds advantages are not just limited to property. One of the most obvious advantages of setting up an SMSF is that you get to choose where your money is invested. So unlike other managed funds, you have much greater control over your super.

Another advantage of a self managed super fund is that it gives you a much wider range of investment options compared to other managed funds. This greater freedom and versatility provides greater opportunity to maximise your financial gains as you plan for retirement.

To make the most of self managed super funds advantages it is essential to seek expert advice. At Self Managed Super Funds Co, our team of professionals will help to devise a super fund strategy based on your own personal needs and investment goals.

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