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1.Why choose The Self Managed Superfund Company Pty Ltd?

Establishing and running an SMSF can be a time consuming and complicated. We offer tailored and customized solutions to all our clients on an individual level. Ensuring we create a SMSF which works for you and your plans for retirement.

We assist with a variety of services and our 5 step guide to setting up an SMSF is one of the easiest and best in Melbourne. We also provide ongoing support through the whole process and take you by the hand and make sure you are comfortable, knowledgeable and educated about how to run your SMSF.

Not to mention we provide Administration Services, Ongoing General Investment Advice,
Access to the most Current Information and if necessary we can also provide a ‘repair’ service to bring your current fund up to date and satisfy compliance requirements.

With over 20 years’ experience and a specialized team to support you all the way…Not succeeding doesn’t exist in our world.

2. Why offer bonuses?
3. How do our guarantees work?
4.How long does it take to set up?
5.Can I rollover my other super (AMP) into my SMSF?
6.How many members can you have and who can be a member?
7.Can I pay my life insurance from my super fund?
8.Can I pay trauma cover insurance from my super fund?
9.How much tax does the super fund pay?
10.Do I need a tax file number?
11.What is the trustee of the Fund?
12.Who should be the trustee of the fund?
13.Under the current laws what cant the SMSF do?
14.What is a self-managed super fund?
15.When can members access their super?
16.Can contributions from my employer be paid into my self-managed superfund?
17.I don’t have a lot of time, will The Self Managed Superfund Company Pty Ltd still work for me?
18.Why seek SUPERANNUATION advice?
19.Will the advice be tailored to my personal needs?
20.How much will this advice cost?