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Buying Property Through SMSF’s

Buying property through SMSF’s is possible. In fact, it’s proving to be a highly effective investment strategy for independently minded investors wanting to take control of their super.

What’s more, buying property through SMSF’s has never been easier.

Thanks to recent changes in the regulations governing SMSF, more and more people are borrowing money through their super fund to invest in property.

So, first of all you need to know how to setup a SMSF. With a bit of help from our team of professionals, setting up an SMSF is quick and easy.

Once you’re set up and underway, the Self Managed Super Fund Company  will steer you through the process of borrowing so you can realise your goals of buying property through a SMSF.

Why is buying property through SMSF such a powerful investment strategy? Because it offers the investor significant returns along with massive tax advantages.

Buying property outside a SMSF means paying capital gains tax on your asset when you choose to sell. This rate can be as high as 45%. As anyone who has been down this road will tell you, this can add up to a hefty sum.

However, buying property through SMSF’s will result in a dramatically reduced capital gains tax liability. The maximum tax rate you’ll pay when you sell your property will be only 15%.

What’s more, should you choose to hold onto the property until retirement or the age of 55, the capital growth on your asset is completely tax free. That’s right, you pay zero tax when you decide to sell.

Needless to say, buying property through SMSF’s is an incredible investment opportunity.

With access to our exclusive network of financial institutions you will be well placed when it comes to borrowing through SMSF to invest in property.

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