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Self Managed Super Fund property investment is a smart strategy for well-informed investors who want more from their super fund.

Property investment through SMSF is a powerful strategy providing massive tax advantages.

Any SMSF strategy involving a geared asset needs to be well considered and professionally managed. The Self Managed Super Fund Company understands this well. We will take care of set-up, and administration, as well as guide you through risk management issues.

As a customer you will have access to our professional networks and services, including our SMSF loan specialists, risk management team and property advice team.

First, lets consider the benefits of an SMSF:

More control:

With a self managed super fund, you call the shots. After all it’s your money, so you should choose where to invest it. An SMSF allows you to make well-informed investment decisions tailored to the person who really matters – you.

More freedom:

A SMSF presents you with a much broader range of investment options than a standard industry super fund. This means greater freedom and flexibility, which of course means greater opportunity to improve your financial position and secure your future.

A way to own property:

Unlike industry super funds, with an SMSF you can gear directly through your super fund. This allows you to own and invest in property – an appealing option that makes sense as you plan for retirement.

Massive tax advantages:

Investing in property through an SMSF means you avoid paying standard capital gains tax. Instead, if you choose to sell your asset, you are simply taxed at the much lower fixed rate of 15%. What’s more, should you choose to hold on to your asset until retirement or the age of 55, the capital growth would be entirely tax free.

Due to the recent changes in SMSF regulations, a window of opportunity has opened. Act now to realise significant financial gains.

What's The Next Step:

The whole premise of investing in property through your Superfund is that the property you choose to invest in is sound. That's why you should seriously consider using a buyers advocacy service. JMAC Buyers Advocacy is an excellent choice if you are considering an investment property in Melbourne.

Selling Your Property:

When you finally sell your property you will need to pay tax according to the relevant tax laws. However, the tax you will pay if the property is held within your SMSF is likely to be a lot less than you would otherwise pay. In order to maximise your properties sell price, we recommend using vendor advocacy service like JMAC  Vendors Advocates.

What is a ‘Self-Managed Super Fund’…is it the Right Choice for Me?

Is having control of your retirement something you have aspired to but have not known how to proceed? Are you looking for help with your superannuation to achieve financial freedom in retirement? Did you know with a Self-Managed Super Fund you have the freedom and flexibility to invest in property?

We help people from all walks of life. You may have thought you would have enough to retire but realise you are severely short to live a great retirement or you are looking to diversify and invest in property through a self-managed fund.

Whatever the situation we can help you achieve the best outcome for your money and your life at SMSF Co. We understand everyone leads a busy life and have commitments so we aim to accommodate you to the best way we can to ensure you get the best results possible.

SMSF Co recognises the issues facing a majority of Australian people when it comes to their retirements. This is why “We Don’t Have a One Size Fits All Attitude” to our service. Every person’s circumstances are different and as so we treat every person as an individual with a tailored and customised solution to their needs.